Can You Use Lipstick As An Eyeliner?

Hi there, todays blog post is for people that like to get the most value from their make-up products because some certain make-up products can double as another, for example the whole TikTok trend of using your red lipstick as a blush.

Anyways today we are answering the question can you use a lipstick as an eyeliner? Drumrolls…….

The answer is you should not use your lipstick as an eyeliner because lipsticks contain certain product that might be good for the eyes, just get the safest eyeliner for sensitive eyes instead of using a lipstick as an eyeliner.

Additives, dyes, and pigment in lipstick have been found to be harmful to the eyes. You may have even observed that when reds and other hues are included in certain makeup palettes, there is a warning that those colours are not appropriate for usage around the eyes.

Always check the labels on your products to be sure they’re safe to use the manner you wish.

Also, lip paints aren’t meant to be used around the eyes to begin with, and they might not include warning labels to signal harmful pigments.

Other reasons you should not use lipstick on your eyes

  • Ingredients might cause irritation: lipsticks contain larger quantities of alcohol (for that long-lasting effect), as well as waxes, fats, oils, and emollients to offset the drying impact. However, because the skin around the eyes is so fragile, larger doses of these substances might cause significant discomfort.
  • Cross contamination: However, it’s not simply what you use that might cause issues; it’s also how you use it. Cross-application of the same liquid lipstick as an eye and lip product indicates cross-contamination. “You run the danger of spreading bacteria, and the eye is particularly susceptible to infection. If you absolutely must use a liquid lipstick as eye makeup, make sure to read the contents, use a new tube that hasn’t been exposed to your lips or any other region, and apply it as little as possible. “Real difficulties can emerge with continued exposure to these substances.

It is important to note that anything from moderate annoyance to severe repercussions might lead to blindness. In my honest opinion I do not think it is worth going blind for, imagine going blind because you used lipstick as an eyeliner just imagine, it is definitely not worth it.

What do I do if I really need a pop of colour on my eyes and I cannot use my lipstick?

If you want more drama or unusual colours than what a regular eyeliner formula can provide, Mathieu suggests blending a mixing medium or even some water with your favourite eyeshadow colour and applying it with an eyeliner brush for a similar effect. This way, you may continue to experiment with different eyeliner designs while remaining safe.


Do not use lipstick as an eyeliner just buy eyeliner and use for your eyes, the risks involved is not worth it. If you have used lipstick as an eyeliner or you frequently use it as an eyeliner this is your cue to stop doing that it is for your own safety, use the trick provided in this blogpost if you want a popping eyeliner. Please let me know what you have learnt today in the comment section.

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